Writing the Story of Vision (SEEING EXERCISE)

Vision begins with listening and ends with sharing. Everything in the middle is how we assemble what we hear into forms that make sense to others. This exercise assesses your understanding of your own perspective of the story of vision to reveal areas that need greater development.

Imagine how you would explain to a stranger each of the five factors for your organization. This description exists only when its members create an excellent product or service, not an average or lesser quality output.

The Change

  • What is the meaningful change that your group creates when it performs with excellence?

  • What is physically different in the world when members complete their work and provide it to a customer?

  • What is physically different in the customer's life?

The Worth

  • How does the change make the customer’s life better?

  • What value do customers find in the group’s work when they receive the excellent product or service?

  • What can they do or feel now that they did not before?

The Possibility