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If you have seen some of the work of ReDefine, you know a bit about how we approach solving problems. The real world is true, if we interpret it correctly. Stories and lives are where we find facts. So we will look in those places for the answers to the big questions of life.


When we find facts that we think matter, we’ll make damn sure they aren’t assumptions. Because those assumptions disguised as facts are where we often go wrong.


Once we separate facts and assumptions, it really is pretty simple. Complex, perhaps, but not complicated. The process of separating facts from assumptions cuts through the complications.


And this whole process brings us to the point of ReDefine. When we understand the core of something, the essential elements that make up a part of the real world, without any extraneous complications or details that don’t matter, we can begin to take action, to build momentum towards the most effective direction.

About ReDefine

Understanding gives us direction,

action gives us momentum.

You’ll hear direction and momentum again. They’re the two characteristics of any geometric line, and all of our lives are lines. The question is, where is your line going? We each get to pick the nature of our line, within the context that we exist.

Context or environment is important, but it doesn’t define us. While we are subject to influences we can’t always change, we as humans have an astounding amount of power to overcome. Since this is a positive supposition, I only need one example to prove it’s true – and I am sure you can think of any number of people who have overcome their circumstances to achieve great things.

You can do the same.

We bring out the best in others through leadership. This is how we accomplish great things: by making others great. 

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