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One email per week.
No funny business. 

Here's the deal: we have a unique way to teach leadership, called the functional approach, and we believe it makes people better at leading others. If that sounds interesting to you, we'll send an informative and interesting email each week. Your Tuesday morning will be a little more fun. 


We also put the same content here on the website, our Short Takes podcast (or on your favorite app), and on Facebook and Youtube. Oh yeah, and TikTok because, y'know, millennials acting young and all that. 


The weekly email will highlight that week's new releases and will offer something unique: a SEEING EXERCISE that we haven't included anywhere else. That's our thank you for trusting us with your inbox. 

My promise to you is that we will never do scammy sales pitches or teasers with nothing to back them up. The information we share is important, effective, and valuable because the world lacks leadership, and we believe in sharing what we know because of that. If you want to learn more than we can put into a weekly email or the website, contact us. Otherwise, sign up, sit back, check in each Tuesday, and enjoy. We'll leave the leadership development on for you. 

Phil Cole

(my signature is nowhere near that nice, but we can pretend.)

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Talk to you on Tuesday. 

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