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Incorporating New Ideas

All leadership ideas fit within the definition of leadership. This exercise allows us to explore an idea and apply it to the three functions, and then turn it into a behavior that we perform.

Select a leadership idea that you like. Use the following process to fit it into your leadership practice.

  • Which functions of leadership does the idea act upon? What aspects of each function are affected by this idea?

  • What behaviors does the idea suggest you use to impact these areas? What does the performance of this behavior look like?

  • In what situations will this idea be useful? How will you recognize that the idea is relevant — what is the trigger for the behaviors?

  • What outcome do you want to create when you implement this idea in behaviors? What facts within interactions will demonstrate the outcome?

  • Does this idea relate to any behaviors you already perform? How does it explain the successes that you have had with these behaviors?

All ideas affect some aspects of leadership but leave others untouched. Understanding how a new behavior spreads beyond the immediate effect allows us to see the impact on the entire set of functions.

  • How do these areas connect to the parts of the definition that the idea does not address?

  • What effect will the change in this area cause in other areas?

For example, vision provides the shared direction and meaning to create productive relationships. If we change the way that we tell the story of vision, then the foundation of our relationships also changes. How will this affect the group?

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