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Growth Requires We See External Limitations

Our actions and success at any moment are limited by both external and internal influences. Only when we see the external limitations placed upon us can we understand our full potential.

We can improve ourselves, but we cannot always remove external limitations. When we lack this perspective, we conflate external with internal and create mental limits on our growth. We cannot see the external limitations that are beyond our control, and so we misjudge those boundaries as the extent of our internal capabilities.

Here are a few questions for you to consider:

  • In what ways do you want to grow, but are unable to do so in your current role?

  • If you were in a different position in life, with different limitations in finances, responsibility, or tasks, what experiment would you perform?

  • What new behavior would you try?

  • What might you do better as a result?

  • What impact might you have on the world and those around you?

Once you have an answer to those questions, ask yourself:

  • What small step can you take today, within the limits upon you, towards this experiment?

Our internal possibility isn't defined by our external limits; they simply tell us where we need to move next, so that we can grow.

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