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Assess the Shared Vision

Assess the group’s understanding of the story of vision against the standard of excellence, identity, and community. These questions reveal the nuances of members’ understanding of the story of vision, and the degree that story supports their membership in the community that is the group.

Think of several recent moments within the group, focusing on the real or concrete behaviors that you observed. Based on these behaviors, answer the following questions. The answers will be different for each member of the group.

  • What standard of excellence exists within the group?

    • What values and beliefs define excellence? Which members of the group exemplify excellence, and are these the members who others look up to?

    • Do members use the story of vision to make decisions about the quality and performance of their tasks? If not, what standard do they use?

  • Do the members of the group share a common identity? Do they define themselves by their membership in the group?

    • What behaviors or actions demonstrate this?

    • When is this belonging strongest? When is it weakest?

  • What kind of community exists within the group?

    • What threads hold it together — what stories do members tell, what goals do they share, and what expectations do they have for each other?

    • What behaviors demonstrate this community? How do members treat each other — are they supportive or individualistic?

    • When are these behaviors expressed — in what specific situations? Are there situations when these behaviors are missing?

    • What does it look like for someone to become part of this community? How do new members experience the group’s identity, and how do they change as they become part of it?

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