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Tell the story of your business to the people who need it the most:

the people you lead.

A leadership vision is not just a product description or customer experience.


It is how we tell the people who work for the organization that their efforts are meaningful and worth doing well. In the functional approach, we call this the story of vision.  

When we tell this story successfully, we create a standard of excellence that allows members of the organization to challenge themselves and each other. We build identity within each employee from their contribution to the meaningful change, and build community between the members of the group by their shared efforts. 

This six-day email challenge will show you how to tell the story of vision in a way that brings out the excellence in your people. It is designed as five days of observations during your work day and one day of self-analysis and planning. You may complete the activities as appropriate for your leadership environment. Leadership is always situational, as we like to say. 

We will follow up with a few emails, but you can stop them at any time. 

Vision is hard.

Download the challenge as a PDF

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