The Entrepreneur's Vision vs. The Leader's Vision (Part 1, Leadership for Entrepreneurs)

This is the first in a series of application articles focused on entrepreneurs transitioning to leaders. This transition occurs when we first hire employees for a business that we have founded alone, or with a few like-minded co-founders. The same concepts also apply to newly-promoted supervisors in established organizations or anyone else who is bringing other people into an organizational structure.

The goal of this series is to provide specific behaviors that are most impactful to the person in this situation. We aren’t going to cover theory – Redefining Leadership or the BASICS are the place for that – but rather build upon that theory into specific actions that you should be performing. The goal here also isn’t to cover everything that you need to do, but rather to address the most common and immediate challenges. Think of this as the first 90 days, redefined.

And, of course, the assumption here is that you are a practitioner. This is for people doing the work, and the learning structure is designed to overcome the discomfort of behavioral change and get you to a place of performance. While I encourage anyone to read these articles, of course, the exercises only work if they are actually performed. If you aren’t at this point yet, read and ponder then bookmark this and come back when you are in the midst of this transition.

I say all of this because, just like you, I have to establish a clear vision for what this work is designed to accomplish. Vision, after all, is the foundation of leadership, upon which relationships and learning build the actual performance of work. So we start with vision.