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Reflecting on Time

Reflection allows us to see growth over time. Without reflection, our focus on the present and future hides the improvements we have made to our behavior. We see only what we can do now, rather than how far we have come. If we want to continue our growth and help others grow, we must periodically reflect on the past. This exercise reveals how a younger version of us would see the present us.

Think back to your younger self, when you were just starting your career.

  • What did you value?

  • What did you think was possible?

  • What did you want to achieve?

  • What did you dream about?

Now imagine how you would look upon yourself now, if you were still that younger person.

  • How far have you come?

  • What achievements have you accomplished?

  • What difficult moments have you survived?

  • What things can you do in a group that you did not think were possible?

  • How have you changed as a person? Are you more patient, understanding of others’ perspectives, motivated or driven towards an outcome?

Finally, project your younger perspective forward. Imagine doing this exercise with a future self, ten years from now.

  • What do you hope your current self will think about a future self?

  • How do you want to answer these questions in ten years?

  • What matters to you, and what do you imagine you answer in ten years that is meaningful and important?

  • What plan of action do you need to get there? What is the first step?

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