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Failure to Reach Behavioral Change

Each stage of the learning cycle addresses specific aspects of the mental process that moves us from an event to behavioral change in the next event. Each stage also has specific challenges that prevent us from accomplishing behavioral change. This exercise reveals the blockages that prevented you from moving through all of the stages.

Select one area of personal where you feel that your learning was ineffective. Use the cycle of learning to analyze an event where you experienced this feeling.

  • Did you examine the facts of the event before you reacted? Did you later learn a fact that would have changed the behavior you selected?

  • Did you consider why participants might behave or react in the way that they did?

  • Was there an interchange or emotion relationship that prevented a participant from performing his or her work?

  • What past experiences — inside the group and outside — may have shaped the individuals’ behaviors?

  • What was the desirable or productive outcome you were seeking? Did you clearly identify it?

  • What limits prevented the participants of the event from selecting the behaviors necessary to create this outcome?

  • Has this failure been repeated after the initial experience? Did you plan for a new behavior, and did the plan include triggers and steps to perform?

  • Have you returned to a previous behavior because it is more comfortable or easy to perform?

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