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Empowering the Best

We benefit when we empower the members of the group to perform the function of vision within their own sphere of influence. This both challenges our best people to share the vision and demonstrates how the function of vision exists within the group as an ongoing and distributed part of the completion of work.

Select one member of the group who is highly engaged, understands the story of vision, and is willing to take on a unique assignment. Discuss the individual’s experience with the story of vision with him or her.

  • What aspects of the group’s output are most meaningful?

  • When and where does he or she feel pride and accomplishment?

  • How does he or she talk about this vision with others?

Charge this person with having a discussion with two other members of the group and listening to their response.

  • What happened in the conversation? Did the other members appear to understand the experience? Did the story reflect their experiences as well as the storyteller’s experiences?

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